Friday, January 25, 2008

Meteor Closes In On Earth January 29, 2008

Meteor showers are getting more frequent it seems. In 2006 we had that meteor shard land in Nobelton, Ontario. Now we are getting news of a meteor that will hit close to us in less than a week.

Another occurrance of a meteor getting close 99942 Apophis which will in 2029 and on April 13, 2036 will hit the earth or so says the book Pascha. You can read excepts at

Someone pointed out another case of falling objects. It seems the Us Government has lost control of a spy satellite and are not sure where it will land only that it will be near the end of February or begining of March 2008. I have pasted the link below. If they are this sloppy with a manmade device makes you wonder if they are off for the meteor that gets close to us this week or the one in 2029 or the one in 2036.

Susan Fischer talks about it on her blog

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