Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Who Wants A Fall Election?

Regardless of whether you want it or not you are getting it. It is a waste of money to
have so many elections but the government, no matter who is in will waste money any
chance they get.

Anyways, enough of the rant we are stuck with an election so let's make the best of it.
As the campaign heats up, keep an eye on this blog as we will be tallying up all the mud slinging
and any dirt we can drag up on both sides. It is only fair that both sides get dirted not just the leading party.

As well as the mud, we will be logging the real issues and what each party is saying or not saying they will do about them. You will be hearing a lot about the economy and the environment. You will hear of corruption at various Government agencies, about how the garbage crisis was handled. Possibly even the meat scare, but what about the real issues.

Stay tuned for information on what the parties think in the real issues like:

1) Education costs
2) Real transit spending
3) Assisting industries that are here and hiring to succeed and grow.
4) How about properly labeling goods as Canadian. Eg. Cellered in Ontario wine does not mean the grapes are Canadian.

Please take a look at some of the articles on these other blogs that bring some of the issues to light:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Should Toronto Privatize Garbage Pickup?

With the ongoing garbage strike and striking workers doing lots to piss off citizens, like kicking a soccer ball at some guys car and punching it breaking his mirror. The union denies that the incident happened but the guy did get a phone call appologizing for the incident (This was in the July 16, 2009 Metro Paper).

Also the limiting on number of bags and slowing down people from dropping off garbage. Many citizens are paying companies to pick up their trash for them to avoid the hassle.

The city really needs to think about it. The union is treating its customers poorly and even on days they are not on strike, they arrive for garbage pickup when they want to, sometimes late in the evening. Are they getting overtime for this?

I find it very interesting how private health care which is a life critical service but are afraid to privatize garbage collection because we are afraid of the unions. Its crazy.

Here is an article about the same issue:

If you have any comments, please post them here and I will approve them.

Friday, July 3, 2009

An Olive Branch from Mars brings peace to Earth

It looks like Susan Fischer is up to her predictions again. She had a vision of life on mars being
found by the end of the year.

Read her dream here:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bell sneaks a Virgin

Well sort of. I am not sure many people realized that BCE owned a good state in Virgin Mobile, well now its taking the entire Virgin Mobile for itself. The issue here is that Virgin was supposed to break down the corporation, provide fairness and a balance to mobile in Canada. It is kind of bananas.

Oh well, the beginning of the end for them I guess as easy going and fun become big corporate slowness. So much for fun mobile but wait there is light at the end of the tunnel there is koodo but wait, are they not owned by Telus?

I look forward to your comments on our Canadian Mobile Version of OPEC.

On another note, it seems some Albertans have been kissing pigs and now there are cases out there. Susan Fischer predicts that the B1N1 flu scam outbreak which she is calling the (banana flu) will surface in full force by the end of the year so beware. The Nebraska BBB is already warning people of its dangers.