Thursday, July 16, 2009

Should Toronto Privatize Garbage Pickup?

With the ongoing garbage strike and striking workers doing lots to piss off citizens, like kicking a soccer ball at some guys car and punching it breaking his mirror. The union denies that the incident happened but the guy did get a phone call appologizing for the incident (This was in the July 16, 2009 Metro Paper).

Also the limiting on number of bags and slowing down people from dropping off garbage. Many citizens are paying companies to pick up their trash for them to avoid the hassle.

The city really needs to think about it. The union is treating its customers poorly and even on days they are not on strike, they arrive for garbage pickup when they want to, sometimes late in the evening. Are they getting overtime for this?

I find it very interesting how private health care which is a life critical service but are afraid to privatize garbage collection because we are afraid of the unions. Its crazy.

Here is an article about the same issue:

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