Friday, December 19, 2008

Stormageddon - Susan Fischer's releases Chloros Guild

Its a fun time of year, Christmas and all. There are three news items I would like to present as your daily dose.

Stormageddon in Toronto is a collection of storm fronts that will meet on December 19, 2008 and over the course of 72 hours produce 40 cm of snow in Toronto. The last time this happened Mel Lastman called in the military with flamethrowers. It was an eerie feeling at the Go Station this morning as I got a parking spot in the second row when normally the lot was half full by then. As the train passed the gardiner express way, it was clear too. Its amazing how it was not that long ago that 40 cm was not that much snow but I guess its all relative. Yesterday in Las Vegas they got 9 cm of snow and shut down the airports.

Speaking of storms, Susan Fischer has released a blog that is surely to be taken by storm or at least she will cause a lot of people to storm with anger or fury or passion. Her new blog is about ways to get back to basics. About small things we can do, some that we used to do, that could divert further damage to our environment. It all started with a dream she had. But why should I spoil all the fun. Visit her as she and other members of PRET guest on her blog at:

Speaking of Armageddon, Hillary Duff released a song featuring the sample from Personal Jesus.
The song goes on the say that we should reach out and touch her. If this is not a sign of the end times I don't know what is. Check it out here:

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Dead in Walmart stampede

Come on you can wait to save $5 on that blender or that Samsung 50-inch high definition Plasma TVs for less than $800.

If its this bad for Black Friday wait until Boxing Day. Even the name is violent.

Secure MP3 Players!!!

I would like to introduce a new design idea for both mp3 and ipod security. Yes there are locked screens. Fingerprint protection but at the end of the day you remove the battery and it eventually resets. Why protect the device when its the person that gets hurt when they try and steal it.

The idea I have is attaching a mace container to the mp3 player. That way you are protecting the user of the product. If anyone gets too close you simply press an extra button on the player and aim for the eyes. The other option is mp3 player stun guns. The players have batteries anyways so it could build up a static charge. When someone tries to steal your mp3 player you press a button then hand it to them. "Here take it but don't hurt me", you say. Then when they grab it they get shocked. At the point the shock happens the mp3 player circuits damage permenantly making the task of stealing it pointless. This would also deter unnecessary attacks with it as they would lose their hundred dollar device.

What do you think? If you think either is a good idea please email

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Meteor Hit In Manitoba

I guess Susan was right again. She called me last week with another of her meteor dreams. This time it was about a place called "Spirit" and a heavenly body would cross the sky and connect with a spirit in Canada. As it got closer to the spirit Susan saw swans floating on a river. I started to laugh because what river in Canada does not have swans on it or geese.

Oddly "Manitoba" is related to the Algonquian word "Manitou", meaning 'spirit' and reports state that people saw the streak in the sky near swan river.

Sometimes Susan really freaks me out with her nightmares.

Update on the Meteor in Manitoba. Susan told me that now there is a bidding war on the meteor fragments.

The scary things is that nobody seemed to know it was coming. It was a 10 tonne meteor fragment.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where will you be 4:13(2036)? Listening to the new Cure album?

You can check out the hype about the album or you can just go buy it. I for one am just going to buy it. I love the cure. Robert Smith is my hero.

I have had many dreams myself about 4:13. Some of my friends know about them. They really scare me sometimes. If you would like to hear more about my dreams you can email me at and I can tell you a little more.

In the meantime, I have been working my way through my grandmother's journal and have posted some blog entries on them at I would appreciate you checking it out. Also if anyone can find my grandmother's journal I would be extremely greatful.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What if GM and Chrysler?

Well its hard to say if it will be good or bad, probably a better thing than no Chrysler at all but
on the fun side what would some of the cars models be called?

Pontiac Viper? Pontiac PT Cruiser? Chevy PT Cruiser? But wait Chevy already has a PT Cruiser, its called the HHR.

I look forward to any comments on the merger. I am sure there will be many both from the employment side and the consumer side with overlapping brands, they will likely cut some of them.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's A Chinese Democracy!!!

It was 14 years ago that Axel Rose started on this project. Now after a Dr Pepper promise, we finally have a new single. The single is to appear on the the new Rock Band as well, but you can hear it by following this link:

Enjoy!!! Susan Fischer says it rocks like a new Velvet Revolver Single.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama One Million Dollar Bill

I only saw the paper quickly but I saw someone holding a fake one million dollar bill with a picture of Obama on it. On the top left corner it said 1 cor 31820 and in the bottom right it said Titus 31114. Has anyone else seen this? What does it mean? Is it officially part of his campaign or did someone just create it?

1 Cor 3:18-20 is a very powerful passage and it would be interesting to know if he is the one stating it for his campaign. That is very interesting indeed.

Someone pointed this link out to me and said it was probably prophetic Obama Runs Up A Million Dollar Google Bill

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural Gas Cheaper So Why Use It? How The Green Party Gave It All Away!!!

There are two interesting things to ponder today.

1) Why is it that when the environment is everyones strongest concern that the green party don't win a single seat. Its called giving it all away. When Elizibeth May told people to vote against her to stop Harper from winning, she gave away the fort and sold out on all her candidates. I really feel the Green Party needs a leader that stands up for the Green Party beliefs of building our economy in an environmentally friendly way. If May does stay, I hope she has learned her lesson. Turning your back on Gaia is not a good thing at all.

2) Speaking of the environment and energy in particular. People switched to Natural Gas as a cheaper and cleaner way of warming our homes. The government pushed the prices high by using it for electricity. Now that the prices have stablized for Natural Gas, the government is going to charge us more for electricity to build non-natural gas plants. Since the demand is down for natural gas would it not make sense to keep using it in a balanced way to keep electricity costs down. But that would be too obvious to the government.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I just love Store Adore!!!!

This place is awesome. I visited this store the last time I was in New York.
I can't wait until they open a Canadian Store hopefully in Toronto. For now us
Canadians will have to go to the website and buy online I guess or make those cross
border shopping trips to New York.

Here is the link:

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prediction by Susan Fischer: Green Party Landslide!!!

She was right about the recession, predicting the stock market crash and everything. Now her new prediction is that the Green Party will either win or get the minority position. Either way being in a position of power.

Here is her thinking: Everyone does not like the current government but does not know who to vote for. People are even facebooking about swapping votes. So what will happen is people will look at the polls and see that the Green Party are only around 12 percent or possibly a bit higher closer to the election. "Well a vote for Green will not do much to help them but will be one less vote for the current government", people will say. Enough of those and we have what happened with the NDP in Ontario. Bob Rae won a landslide. Why? Because of protest votes.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Darkness is Coming on Monday

For those living in Toronto, you will have seen the black outfitted picketers with their white signs letting you know that darkness is coming Monday. If you are still confused about who they are or what they are doing, it is related to the Heroes 2 hour season premiere on Monday. I cannot wait it looks amazing.

For those wanting to check out the promo trailer you can look here:

In other crazy news, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day so go out and support it by seeing all those Arrrgh! rated movies!!! For more info on pirate days look here:

You can also generate your pirate name in support of the day. My name is Susan Fischer but my pirate name is Poop Deck Aurora generate yours at:

I hope you have a lot of fun with Pirate Day and watch all your favorite pirate movies.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trains, Helicopters and iPods oh and David wins American Idol

I just thought I would warn you: don't walk on the tracks with your iPod, better still don't walk on the tracks. Thursday night at Union Station, this lady walked across 4 sets of tracks with security yelling at her to stop. She continued so security officers grabbed her. She saw her friend across another set of tracks so she pulled away to go see him. What if a train were coming? She was not wearing an iPod.

This brings into play another freak accident, seems that a person was walking down the street and got hit by a helicopter landing there. He didn't hear it because of his iPod. Okay so why was the helipcoptor landing in the street? Regardless of whether I had an iPod on or not I would hear the noise and wonder what was going on and would have felt the massive wind blow me around as it got close to me. So is iPod the new slang for drugs, iPot maybe and they don't want to say it.

Everybody is talking about who will win the next American Idol, let's face it David will win so why bother turning in and voting. People had a hard enough time trying to vote for clay or ruben. Now you expect people to distiguish between David A or David C?

This brings me to another battle of two singers/actors: Scarlett Johanson vs Zooey Deschanel.
The first has a name people will watch her videos but from what I have heard of the album its bad.

You may remember Zooey Deschanel from Elf where she sang baby its cold outside. She decided not to use her name in the group name of She and Him but hopefully word of mouth will let people know.

As far as sales in concerned, Scarlett will probably win as there are probably pictures of her in the album sleeve. But if you want a real musical experience go I say your best bet is to just go to and listen to "Why do you let me stay?"

Friday, May 2, 2008

How to get around the 60gb Internet Provider Limit and get some fresh air?

Why waste your download limit when you can use the various free internet providers in the city.
In Toronto, why not take a trip to the CNE grounds and take advantage of the free wi-fi hotspot.
You can check your email, download windows updates or watch your favorite shows.

I guess the thing to do here is list add comments with all the free hotspots you have. I look forward to your comments.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ready for some hot snack radio

I have been waiting for these guys to finally launch their radio show. Its going to be awesome
These guys are crazy. You have never seen internet radio like this. I highly recommend you go check out

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sit On Britney Spears. Microsoft Yahoo may be the new catch phrase

Have you ever wanted to sit on Britney Spears? Snuggle up on her and watch a movie?
Well now is your chance. She is going to be selling furniture.

Now you can sit on Britney Spears lap, place your head between her pillows, look for money in her cracks. Its too easy to make jokes about it so I will stop.

Here is the link to the article.

The other top story on everyones minds especially developers is the Microsoft/Yahoo Deal. If the deal is so good, why does Microsoft have to force the shareholders to swollow it. If the deal tasted good they would all be running back for more. The shareholders would be stupid to let Microsoft divide them and woo each one individually. Stick together and Microsoft will offer you more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Will the war ever end; Take Your Drugs With Water

There are two interesting stories, well actually 3 but two are related.
The first is about how statistics are collected and used. The first case in point
is the US death toll in Iraq. The number is 4000 over 5 years. This number seems
big but consider how they got the number and you will be even more shocked. The 4,000 were US troops. This does not include the mercenaries the US hired to fight.
The second case in point is the Jericho series which will have its finale tonight. The stats for viewership is done using the Neilson ratings system we are all familiar with. A select amount of homes have a device on their set top to track what they watch. Its kind of silly to still use this old approach when the set top boxes of millions of people from their cable companies show them what they watch but anyways. This is a mute point, what about the millions of viewers that watch it streamed on the websites. What about those who go to itunes and buy the episodes? Still there are others who do neither and use the illegal bittorrent sites to get their shows. Are the network execs on drugs?

This leads to the second story, apparently if they are drinking the local tap water they are. It seems that when testing the drinking water in the GTA it has been determined that it contains Pain Killers and other drugs from people dumping their prescriptions. So all those politicians that want to tax bottled water because its a luxury. Maybe they should tax tap water because you are getting your drugs for free.

Monday, March 24, 2008

CRTC To Regulate Online, Earth Hour: The practice for 2012 solar storm

Here are two important events in the course of history that you should be aware of.
CRTC finally awoke and realized the internet is a place to go and watch tv. Now if the
networks would follow suit and realize it now that this dinosaur has.

The other historical event is Earth Hour. For this hour we celebrate the earth and give it a
break from light pollution for a brief moment in time. The earth says thanks to you and hopes
the experience will prepare you for its Earth Day or Earth Week when it turns the lights out on
us for a day or a week, taking for itself a longer break from light pollution.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wellesly Fire Causes Commuter Chaos on Yonge-Bloor Line

If you ever wondered the state of the TTC or Go Transit simply take a look at this blog for details. Its sounds like a disaster down there. David Miller should step in and do something about it being Mayor.

In other news about another hot topic, March 21 is anti-racism day but I did a google search for event happening in the city and found not very much. If you know of events going on please post them as comments here and I will publish them. This is a big issue we need to support together.
Its nice to have the day but we need to acknowledge it with something. I know this year its awkward being Good Friday too but think, Jesus died to bring peace to the world didn't he. So its only fitting that the days collide we need peace among everyone regardless of race, culture or relious background.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chase and the Bear. Wake Up Broadcasters to Online

Today there are two interesting stories in the headlines both are a story of people in
the know that don't know.

The first is about Chasing the Bear. All investment banks want to avoid a bear market.
In this case, we are in one and its even killed the bear or almost. Chase has jumped in to save the bear. The funny thing is that everybody knows we are in a recession but the people in the know (government officials keep saying no we are not). Here is the link that will help this story make more sense:

The second story is an interesting one about the conventional broadcasters that are living in their offline world, using their offline rating systems, targeting ads at timeslots. Well to them I say wake up to the online world. Case in point, Jericho was getting low viewership on CBS so they tried to cancel it. Fans poured out and cried are you nuts. Literally they sent a shipment of peanuts to head office. This show is the number one show downloaded from itunes. Online its got a high traffic of viewers but CBS is not making money on it and is again thinking of cancelling it. This is not the first CBS show to suffer this. Cashmere Mafia is suffering the same fate. It has a good fan base of online viewers but not on CBS tv stations. My opinion is its because people don't have time to let tv dictate when they can watch something. They will go online to places streaming it and if its not available there they will rely on PVR or worse torrents.

When CBS says they are not making any money online, my question is why? 24 is doing sponsored mini episodes online. Ever heard of commerials before or after your clips or even between. Hey don't we do that already on conventional tv?

When I hear of things like this it makes me smile when I see stations like pushing the envelope. They are smart enough to feed their audience with a fresh mini series for the web. 8 episodes of a new show online only. Check it out at

If we visit the site and support it maybe they will do more of this and show other stations this is what we want.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rumor has it they are cancelling Cashmere Mafia

It is sad to see it go. I really enjoyed the writing. I liked Sex in the City but I love Cashmere Mafia. It is unfortunate that ABC doesn't realize a good thing when it has it. They just have to
look at all the fan blogs to see the potential:

Even the comparison of lipstick jungle to cashmere mafia on some sites show what fans prefer:

So why is ABC cancelling it?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kinetic Energy Kill Vehicle to destroy "stray" satellite

From all the movies and propaganda we have about NASA. It makes you wonder how
such an agency loses control of a satellite. Interestingly enough it gives them an opportunity
to show off their Kinetic Energy Kill Vehicle.

Interestingly enough China did a test of this technogy on on January 12, 2007 so is the United States raising the bar.

For those thinking hey this is just a blog post here is an article on the NY Post confirming it too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Signs and Wonders In The Skies

As I sit back with my son and watch the Lunar Eclipse at 9:00 tonight. I reflect back on the many meteors that are getting close to us or in the case of last night in Seattle, hitting us.

The meteor and the eclipse are not the only thing in the sky that will be falling to earth. Tonight, the US Government is supposed to destroy a satellite they lost control of by using a Kinetic kill.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

George Bush "Booster Shot" for the economy

George Bush has decided that the United States economy needs a booster shot to avoid economic downturn. Oddly we are already in a credit crisis in the United States so what is $300 extra dollars going to do to help people from losing their homes. Nice gesture George but not very thought out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bell is committed to your privacy, yeah right

Its always funny when calling Bell how they protect your privacy by asking for your home phone and security password when you call in but then you get stories like this:

Man arrested trying to sell Bell phone list

It seems 3.4 Million Names Bell customers are not being protected. It makes you wonder how safe our credit card info, our billing histories, are. Its funny because according to what I heard on the news, no security information was leaked, but if you want to find someone this list would provide their name and addresses and phone numbers. Combined with history of old numbers this could be used by stalkers to find people they lost because they moved and unlisted their numbers.

It would be interesting to hear from bell if any of the 3.4 million people had unlisted numbers in their directory. If so, then there is a security issue.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Osama Obama what's in a name? Will Obama track down Osama if he wins Super Tuesday?

I came across this posting on a social networking mailing list and it made be curious. Are we really hoping to capture him or just stay a few feet behind to win votes.

Super Tuesday approaches and everyone is wondering. Sicko the movie came out and exposed how Hillary Clinton wanted to present medicare changes back when bill was in office but quickly went quiet. We are seeing these promises again this election. Let's hope when she gets in that she does it and is not intimidated by the Republicans again.

Up here in Canada we have universal health care and that is one of the reasons I will not move to the states.

sarah silvermans fxxxing matt damon

I heard this from a friend that pointed me at this blog article. If that's true then Matt Damon is lucky because with all the hot air she spews, I am sure she is giving him much pleasure.

Anyways, I am sure its just hype pushed out because they are coming out with a new tv show, or movie or some product.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Microsoft To Buy Yahoo

"Yahoo for Microsoft" some joker might say but this time they would be right. Well at least so hopes Microsoft. The combined companies would give Microsoft a Social Network, a decent search engine over MSN Search, a strong portal to tie in with its MSN portal and a new group of developers to bring on a fresh approach to the big giant.

One has to wonder what Google thinks about this.

Check out this link for more details:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Meteor Closes In On Earth January 29, 2008

Meteor showers are getting more frequent it seems. In 2006 we had that meteor shard land in Nobelton, Ontario. Now we are getting news of a meteor that will hit close to us in less than a week.

Another occurrance of a meteor getting close 99942 Apophis which will in 2029 and on April 13, 2036 will hit the earth or so says the book Pascha. You can read excepts at

Someone pointed out another case of falling objects. It seems the Us Government has lost control of a spy satellite and are not sure where it will land only that it will be near the end of February or begining of March 2008. I have pasted the link below. If they are this sloppy with a manmade device makes you wonder if they are off for the meteor that gets close to us this week or the one in 2029 or the one in 2036.

Susan Fischer talks about it on her blog

If you have more info please post comments here or email me at

Friday, January 11, 2008

Recession By October 2008

There has been a lot of talk both prophetically by Nostrodamus and projected by major financial institutions like Forbes. Even the government is getting in on trying to adjust the economy so that the recession is not to hard. We now have people predicting gas of $1.50 a litre in the next 4 years. The added Carbon Tax they may be pushing through up here in Canada will definitely drive the price up more too. Susan Fischer has even had nightmares about it. She even posted it on here blog at:

Sometimes her dreams scare me especially when they are accurate. I know I will be preparing for October 2008.