Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wellesly Fire Causes Commuter Chaos on Yonge-Bloor Line

If you ever wondered the state of the TTC or Go Transit simply take a look at this blog for details. Its sounds like a disaster down there. David Miller should step in and do something about it being Mayor.

In other news about another hot topic, March 21 is anti-racism day but I did a google search for event happening in the city and found not very much. If you know of events going on please post them as comments here and I will publish them. This is a big issue we need to support together.
Its nice to have the day but we need to acknowledge it with something. I know this year its awkward being Good Friday too but think, Jesus died to bring peace to the world didn't he. So its only fitting that the days collide we need peace among everyone regardless of race, culture or relious background.

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