Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chase and the Bear. Wake Up Broadcasters to Online

Today there are two interesting stories in the headlines both are a story of people in
the know that don't know.

The first is about Chasing the Bear. All investment banks want to avoid a bear market.
In this case, we are in one and its even killed the bear or almost. Chase has jumped in to save the bear. The funny thing is that everybody knows we are in a recession but the people in the know (government officials keep saying no we are not). Here is the link that will help this story make more sense:


The second story is an interesting one about the conventional broadcasters that are living in their offline world, using their offline rating systems, targeting ads at timeslots. Well to them I say wake up to the online world. Case in point, Jericho was getting low viewership on CBS so they tried to cancel it. Fans poured out and cried are you nuts. Literally they sent a shipment of peanuts to head office. This show is the number one show downloaded from itunes. Online its got a high traffic of viewers but CBS is not making money on it and is again thinking of cancelling it. This is not the first CBS show to suffer this. Cashmere Mafia is suffering the same fate. It has a good fan base of online viewers but not on CBS tv stations. My opinion is its because people don't have time to let tv dictate when they can watch something. They will go online to places streaming it and if its not available there they will rely on PVR or worse torrents.

When CBS says they are not making any money online, my question is why? 24 is doing sponsored mini episodes online. Ever heard of commerials before or after your clips or even between. Hey don't we do that already on conventional tv?

When I hear of things like this it makes me smile when I see stations like Slice.ca pushing the envelope. They are smart enough to feed their audience with a fresh mini series for the web. 8 episodes of a new show online only. Check it out at http://www.slice.ca/love

If we visit the site and support it maybe they will do more of this and show other stations this is what we want.

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