Monday, February 25, 2008

Rumor has it they are cancelling Cashmere Mafia

It is sad to see it go. I really enjoyed the writing. I liked Sex in the City but I love Cashmere Mafia. It is unfortunate that ABC doesn't realize a good thing when it has it. They just have to
look at all the fan blogs to see the potential:

Even the comparison of lipstick jungle to cashmere mafia on some sites show what fans prefer:

So why is ABC cancelling it?


FlowerPot said...

i TOTALL agree! i hate that it just ended so abruptly! and Lipstick Jungle sucks!

Miss A said...

Thanks for checking out my blog to see how much I love the show! I will definitely miss it :(

Kenny Surtani said...

So will we :(

miecky said...

Same here dude. i love to watch Cashmere Mafia Episodes too. This is tremendous TV Show. I use a site to watch its episodes.