Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Will the war ever end; Take Your Drugs With Water

There are two interesting stories, well actually 3 but two are related.
The first is about how statistics are collected and used. The first case in point
is the US death toll in Iraq. The number is 4000 over 5 years. This number seems
big but consider how they got the number and you will be even more shocked. The 4,000 were US troops. This does not include the mercenaries the US hired to fight.
The second case in point is the Jericho series which will have its finale tonight. The stats for viewership is done using the Neilson ratings system we are all familiar with. A select amount of homes have a device on their set top to track what they watch. Its kind of silly to still use this old approach when the set top boxes of millions of people from their cable companies show them what they watch but anyways. This is a mute point, what about the millions of viewers that watch it streamed on the websites. What about those who go to itunes and buy the episodes? Still there are others who do neither and use the illegal bittorrent sites to get their shows. Are the network execs on drugs?

This leads to the second story, apparently if they are drinking the local tap water they are. It seems that when testing the drinking water in the GTA it has been determined that it contains Pain Killers and other drugs from people dumping their prescriptions. So all those politicians that want to tax bottled water because its a luxury. Maybe they should tax tap water because you are getting your drugs for free.

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