Friday, November 28, 2008

Secure MP3 Players!!!

I would like to introduce a new design idea for both mp3 and ipod security. Yes there are locked screens. Fingerprint protection but at the end of the day you remove the battery and it eventually resets. Why protect the device when its the person that gets hurt when they try and steal it.

The idea I have is attaching a mace container to the mp3 player. That way you are protecting the user of the product. If anyone gets too close you simply press an extra button on the player and aim for the eyes. The other option is mp3 player stun guns. The players have batteries anyways so it could build up a static charge. When someone tries to steal your mp3 player you press a button then hand it to them. "Here take it but don't hurt me", you say. Then when they grab it they get shocked. At the point the shock happens the mp3 player circuits damage permenantly making the task of stealing it pointless. This would also deter unnecessary attacks with it as they would lose their hundred dollar device.

What do you think? If you think either is a good idea please email

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