Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Meteor Hit In Manitoba

I guess Susan was right again. She called me last week with another of her meteor dreams. This time it was about a place called "Spirit" and a heavenly body would cross the sky and connect with a spirit in Canada. As it got closer to the spirit Susan saw swans floating on a river. I started to laugh because what river in Canada does not have swans on it or geese.

Oddly "Manitoba" is related to the Algonquian word "Manitou", meaning 'spirit' and reports state that people saw the streak in the sky near swan river.

Sometimes Susan really freaks me out with her nightmares.

Update on the Meteor in Manitoba. Susan told me that now there is a bidding war on the meteor fragments.

The scary things is that nobody seemed to know it was coming. It was a 10 tonne meteor fragment.

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