Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural Gas Cheaper So Why Use It? How The Green Party Gave It All Away!!!

There are two interesting things to ponder today.

1) Why is it that when the environment is everyones strongest concern that the green party don't win a single seat. Its called giving it all away. When Elizibeth May told people to vote against her to stop Harper from winning, she gave away the fort and sold out on all her candidates. I really feel the Green Party needs a leader that stands up for the Green Party beliefs of building our economy in an environmentally friendly way. If May does stay, I hope she has learned her lesson. Turning your back on Gaia is not a good thing at all.

2) Speaking of the environment and energy in particular. People switched to Natural Gas as a cheaper and cleaner way of warming our homes. The government pushed the prices high by using it for electricity. Now that the prices have stablized for Natural Gas, the government is going to charge us more for electricity to build non-natural gas plants. Since the demand is down for natural gas would it not make sense to keep using it in a balanced way to keep electricity costs down. But that would be too obvious to the government.

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