Friday, December 19, 2008

Stormageddon - Susan Fischer's releases Chloros Guild

Its a fun time of year, Christmas and all. There are three news items I would like to present as your daily dose.

Stormageddon in Toronto is a collection of storm fronts that will meet on December 19, 2008 and over the course of 72 hours produce 40 cm of snow in Toronto. The last time this happened Mel Lastman called in the military with flamethrowers. It was an eerie feeling at the Go Station this morning as I got a parking spot in the second row when normally the lot was half full by then. As the train passed the gardiner express way, it was clear too. Its amazing how it was not that long ago that 40 cm was not that much snow but I guess its all relative. Yesterday in Las Vegas they got 9 cm of snow and shut down the airports.

Speaking of storms, Susan Fischer has released a blog that is surely to be taken by storm or at least she will cause a lot of people to storm with anger or fury or passion. Her new blog is about ways to get back to basics. About small things we can do, some that we used to do, that could divert further damage to our environment. It all started with a dream she had. But why should I spoil all the fun. Visit her as she and other members of PRET guest on her blog at:

Speaking of Armageddon, Hillary Duff released a song featuring the sample from Personal Jesus.
The song goes on the say that we should reach out and touch her. If this is not a sign of the end times I don't know what is. Check it out here:

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