Friday, May 8, 2009

Bell sneaks a Virgin

Well sort of. I am not sure many people realized that BCE owned a good state in Virgin Mobile, well now its taking the entire Virgin Mobile for itself. The issue here is that Virgin was supposed to break down the corporation, provide fairness and a balance to mobile in Canada. It is kind of bananas.

Oh well, the beginning of the end for them I guess as easy going and fun become big corporate slowness. So much for fun mobile but wait there is light at the end of the tunnel there is koodo but wait, are they not owned by Telus?

I look forward to your comments on our Canadian Mobile Version of OPEC.

On another note, it seems some Albertans have been kissing pigs and now there are cases out there. Susan Fischer predicts that the B1N1 flu scam outbreak which she is calling the (banana flu) will surface in full force by the end of the year so beware. The Nebraska BBB is already warning people of its dangers.

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