Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bribes for education jobs?

Save the environment and pay the school boards $10 each for the privilege to apply for a position in their board.

The School Board is currently using Apply To Education to recruit for Non-Teaching candidates and post jobs.

If you are interested in applying as a for the
Board, please ensure you apply to the posting on
http://www.applytoeducation.com. Applicants are encouraged to sign up for the "Job Alert" feature on applytoeducation.com to be emailed when we post jobs. The
Board is no longer accepting hard copies of resumes.

Is this the new face of government job postings? Pay us your tax dollars to support our schools, and large screen tvs that you steal from budgets then if you want to work for us pay us $10 for the privilege to apply for a position.

Not that this is per school board per applicant per year. Now how many government departments are there. $10 per department per person applying would add up to millions of dollars in government revenue. That is a lot of green for the government.

If you would like to see the real numbers I suggest this election you ask your MP to tell you the truth of where this money is going.

The sad thing is that someone out of work has a choice of applying for a position with the school board or eating. Something to ponder as we head towards an October election.

I would love to hear government or school board members defend charging people to apply for jobs.

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